We hired Windrifters' for a 2 month engagement to help Dine In Victoria position itself properly and aggressively market our services.  Within days of meeting with Greg, he completely understood my business - its strengths, weaknesses and devised a plan to address the issues. He has brought a more professional orientation to Dine In Victoria. His use of technology (email campaigns, sales analysis, CRM) helped immensely.
What My Customers Are Saying...
Greg worked with me to build effective partnership programs with our restaurants and provided results driven promotions to bring in new customers. His strategic advice has helped to set us on a new course that is already paying dividends. I am amazed with what Greg could accomplish in such a short time.

Maggie Rideout
Dine In Victoria
I had struggled for well over a year on how to properly market my business for sale. I had absolutely no idea where to start.  An introduction to Greg Simmonds from a friend of mine proved to be a truly serendipitous meeting.   I had never felt that there was any significant value in our business.  Greg was able to demonstrate how service businesses like ours were valued and why we could expect a significant selling price. He then set about coordinating with our bookkeeper and our accountant.  Armed with the relevant financial information, Greg prepared a very detailed, professional sales package that I was proud to show prospective purchasers.  The sale went very smoothly and provided a much greater return than I had anticipated.

Robert H.
Edmonton, AB
We had recently purchased  this business and were trying to figure out how to leverage the hundreds of clients that had purchased from the business over the years.  We asked Greg's help with this.  Within no time, Greg had helped create a dynamic database of past customers which he then used to design and deliver a comprehensive monthly Email Newsletter that has proven an invaluable marketing tool for us. 

Greg always delivered the highest quality results for us and was always willing to jump right on whatever it was we required.  I would highly recommend him.

Victoria Robinson

A life long entrepreneur, business owner and consultant,  I have founded, purchased, managed and sold a variety of businesses over my 29 year career.

Having had success on almost all of my ventures and a couple of "ooops" along the way,  I have learned what simply can't be gained from a text book or lecture hall.  I want to share my experience and passion for small business and my desire to help entrepreneurs find success.

If you are a small business owner struggling with the myriad of challenges of being in business, or you are wanting to take your concept and your ideas and see them realized.... I would love to help you ...  and I can! A short bio is attached...

Greg Simmonds
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Dog and Pony Show
Mchanga Merchants
Small Business Mentoring (Wongonyi, Kenya 2010)    Click to enlarge
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